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John Law
Solicitor Director and Practice Principal

John Law

John is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and of the High Court of Australia.

John is very approachable and endeavours to avoid unnecessary complications and distractions, so that we can provide quality services which are cost effective for our clients and our firm.

Apart from being a solicitor, John is also an experienced mediator, licensed customs broker, freight forwarder, international trade consulting and road transport operator. Combined with his experience as a solicitor, John has the skills set required to assist a wide range of companies and individuals with their legal issues.

John is a very useful resource for international traders with business in Australia as he is able to offer advice about their business operations and Australian compliance responsibilities.


Len Ward - CPA

Len has vast strategic management experience from the years that he has spent as the financial controller of several large corporations and as the Finance Director of a GE subsidiary. Len's experience helps us provide a broad range of services that rivals many larger international and local professional service firms.


Hayley Dick

Hayley is one of our paralegals and is currently studying law at the University of Western Sydney, where she is achieving very high grades. Hayley is very practical, efficient and helpful and was a welcome addition to our practice in 2013.


Emmeke Mansour

Emmeke has recently joined us as a paralegal. Emmeke is studying law at the University of Western Sydney, where she is also achieving very high grades. The law is a career change for Emmeke who has extensive experience in real estate and administration in a wide range of companies, operating in a high pressure environment.

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