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Business Related Services

  • Business advice and advice of a general nature
  • Strategic and tactical advice with client or supplier disputes or conflict;
  • Managing Directors and other senior management often find it helpful for us to work with them drafting strategic correspondence with a view towards achieving your preferred outcomes.
  • Your company's representative office in Australia
  • Administrative Law - challenging decisions made by Government officers or Ministers
  • Debt recovery
  • Sale and purchase of properties or businesses (conveyancing)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Police related matters
  • Customs - representing you in disputes and defending prosecutions
  • Tariff Concession Order Applications
  • Applications for a Tariff Advice or Valuation Advice
  • International sea and air transport and road transport disputes
  • International trade strategies and agreements
  • Road transport disputes
  • Dealing with Liquidators
  • Representation in:
    • Local Court
    • District Court
    • Supreme Court
    • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
    • Federal Circuit Court
    • Federal Court
    • Administrative Decisions Tribunal
    • Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal
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